London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1895. Hbk. pp.394.
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Table of Contents

I. Introduction

Chapter I. The Acts of the Apostles

Chapter II. The Origin of St. Paul

Chapter III. The Church in Antioch

Chapter. IV. The Missionary Journey of Barnabas and Saul

Chapter V. Foundation of the Churches of Galatia

Chapter VI. St. Paul in Galatia

Chapter VII. The Apostolic Council

Chapter VIII. History of the Churches of Galatia

Chapter IX. The Coming of Luke and the Call into Macedonia

Chapter X. The Churches of Macedonia

Chapter XI. Athens and Corinth

Chapter XII. The Church in Asia

Chapter XIII. The Voyage to Jerusalem

Chapter XIV. The Voyage to Rome

Chapter XV. St. Paul in Rome

Chapter XVI. Chronology of Early Church History - 30-40 A.D.

Chapter XVII. Composition and Date of Acts.

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