Sir W. Robertson Nicoll, ed., The Expositor's Bible. London / New York / Toronto: Hodder & Stoughton, n.d. Hbk. pp.435.

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Alfred Plummer - The Pastoral Epistles

Table of Contents


Chapter I - The Character and the Genuineness of the Pastoral Epistles

I Timothy

Chapter II - Timothy the Beloved Disciple of S. Paul,-His Life and Character

Chapter III - The Doctrine Condemned in the Pastoral Epistles A Jewish Form of Gnosticism - The Gnostic's Problem

Chapter IV - The Moral Teaching of the Gnostics.-Its Modern Counterpart

Chapter V - The Lord's Compassion in Enabling a Blasphemer and a Persecutor to Become a Servant of Christ Jesus and a Preacher of the Gospel

Chapter VI – The Prophecies on Timothy. - The Prophets of the New Testament an Exceptional Instrument of Edification

Chapter VII - The Punishment of Hymenaeus and Alexander – Delivering to Satan an Exceptional Instrument of Purification - The Personality of Satan

Chapter VIII - Elements of Christian Worship: Intercessory Prayer and Thanksgiving - The Solidarity of Christendom and of the Human Race

Chapter IX - Behaviour in Christian Worship: Men’s Attitude of Body and Mind: Women's Attire and Ornament

Chapter X - The Origin of the Christian Ministry: Various Certainties and Probabilities Distinguished

Chapter XI - The Apostle's Rule Respecting Second Marriages: Its Meaning and Present Obligation

Chapter. XII - The Relation of Human Conduct to the Mystery of Godliness

Chapter XIII - The Comparative Value of Bodily Exercise and of Godliness

Chapter XIV - The Pastor's Behaviour Towards Women - The Church Widow

Chapter XV - The Pastor's Responsibilities in Ordaining and Judging Presbyters - The Works that Go Before and that Follow Us

Chapter XVI - The Nature of Roman Slavery and the Apostle's Attitude Towards It - A Modern Parallel

Chapter XVII - The Gain of a Love of Godliness and the Ungodliness of a Love of Gain


Chapter XVIII - The Epistle to Titus - His Life and Character

Chapter XIX - The Church in Crete and its Organization – The Apostle's Directions for Appointing Elders

Chapter XX - Christianity and Unchristian Literature

Chapter XXI - The Meaning and Value of Sobermindedness – The Use and Abuse of Religious Emotion

Chapter XXII - The Moral Condition of Slaves - Their Adornment of the Doctrine of God

Chapter XXIII - Hope as a Motive Power - The Present Hopes of Christians

Chapter XXIV - The Duty of Obedience to Authority with its Limits - The Duty of Courtesy Without Limits

Chapter XXV - The Co-Operation of the Divine Persons in Effecting the New Birth - The Laver of Regeneration

Chapter XXVI - The Meaning of Heresy in the New Testament and the Apostle's Directions Respecting Heretical Persons

2 Timothy

Chapter XXVII - The Character and Contents of the Last Epistle of S. Paul - The Nemesis of Neglected Gifts

Chapter XXVIII - The Heartlessness of Phygelus and Hermogenes – The Devotion of Onesiphorus - Prayers for the Dead

Chapter XXIX - The Need of Machinery for the Preservation and Transmission of the Faith - The Machinery of the Primitive Church

Chapter XXX - The Christian's Life as Military Service; as an Athletic Contest; as Husbandry

Chapter XXXI - The Power of a Belief in the Resurrection and the Incarnation - The Gospel of S. Paul

Chapter XXXII - The Need of a Solemn Charge Against a Controversial Spirit, of a Diligence Free From Shame, and of a Hatred of the Profanity which Wraps Up Error in the Language of Truth

Chapter XXXIII - The Last Days - The Bearing of the Mention of Jannes and Jambres on the Question of Inspiration and the Errors Current in Ephesus

Chapter XXXIV - The Perils of Rationalism and the Responsibilities of a Lifelong Contact with Truth - The Properties of Inspired Writings

Chapter XXXV - The Paradoxical Exultation of the Apostle – His Apparent Failure and the Apparent Failure of the Church - The Great Test of Sincerity

Chapter XXXVI - The Personal Details a Guarantee of Genuineness

Chapter XXXVII - The Apostle Forsaken by Men but Strengthened by the Lord - The Mission to the Gentiles Completed - The Sure Hope, and the Final Hymn of Praise

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