London: MacMillan & Co. Ltd, 1899. pp.316.
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Table of Contents


1 - The Preparation for a Canon
2 - The Beginnings of the Canon
3 - The Beginnings of the Canon (continued)
4 - The Completion of the First Canon: the Law
5 - The Second Canon, or the Law and the Prophets
6 - The Third Canon, or The Law, The Prophets, and the Writings
7 - The Third Canon (continued)
8 - The Third Canon (concluded)
9 - After the Conclusion of the Canon
10 - Later Jewish Testimony
11 - The Hebrew Canon in the Christian Church
12 - The Arrangement of the Books

Excursus A
Excursus B
Excursus C
Excursus D
Excursus E
Index to Scripture References
General Index

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