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Book Description

The Origin of the Pentateuch
Publication Year:
Elliott Stock / Oberlin, OH: Bibliotheca Sacra Company
Old Testament, Pentateuch, Higher Criticism, Documentary Hypothesis
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Harold M. Wiener [1875-1929], The Origin of the Pentateuch

Table of Contents

  1. The Higher Criticism
  2. The Answer of Textual Criticism
  3. The Arguments From Law and History
  4. The Literary Argument
  5. Higher Critical Arguments and Positions That are Due to Purely Subjective Causes
  6. The Signs of Post-Mosaic Date
  7. The Moral and Psychological Issues
  8. The Theory of the Hexateuch
  9. The Constructive Case for Unity
  10. The Evidence For Mosaic Date/ A. The Internal Evidence
  11. The Evidence for Pre-Mosaic Date
  12. The Testimony of Tradition
  13. Constructive Conclusions
  • Index I (Texts)
  • Index II (Subjects)