Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1913. Hbk. pp.592.
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Table of Contents


§ 1. The Author

§ 2. S. Luke the Evangelist

§ 3. The Sources of the Gospel

§ 4. Time and Place

§ 5. Object and Plan

§ 6. Characteristics, Style and Language

§ 7 The Integrity of the Gospel

§ 8 The Text

§ 9 Literary History

§10 Commentaries


On the Use of egeneto
The Degree of Augustus
The fifteenth Year of Tiberias
The Genealogy
Demoniacal Possession
The Miraculous Draught of Fishes
The title "Son of Man"
The word deuteroproto
The Sermon epi topon pedinou
Christ's Raising the Dead
The Journeyings Toward Jerusalem
The word analemphis
The Mission of the Seventy
The Idea of Hades or Sheol in the O.T.
The Blind Man at Jericho
The Parable of the Pounds
The Question about Psalm cx.
The Apocalypse of Jesus
Readings in Chapters xxii. and xxiii.
The Narratives of the Resurrection
Western Non-Interpolations
Interpolations in the Sinaitic Syriac

I . General
II. Writings and Writers
III. Greek Words
IV. English and Latin Words

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