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Book Description

The Epistle of James. The Greek Text with Introduction and Comment
Publication Year:
London & New York
Macmillan & Co., Ltd. / The Macmillan Company
ccil +239
Jude, 2 Peter, Commentary, New Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain
Joseph Bickersteth Mayor [1828-1916], The Epistle of St. Jude and the Second Epistle of St Peter. Greek Text with Introduction and Comments

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. Relation of the Second Epistle of Peter to the Epistle of Jude
  2. Grammar and Style of Jude and of 2 Peter
  3. Further Remarks on the Style of the Two Epistles
  4. Comparison Between 1 Peter and 2 Peter
  5. Comparison Between the Peter of the Two Epistles and the Peter of the Rest of the N.T.
  6. Authenticity of the Epistle of Jude and of the Second Epistle of Peter Considered
  7. Under What Circumstances were the Epistle of Jude and the Two Epistles of Peter Written?
  8. The Author of the Epistle of Jude
  9. Use of Apocryphal Books by Jude
  10. Story of the Fallen Angels
  11. False Teachers in the Church Towards the End of the First Century
  • Text of Jude and 2 Peter
  • Notes on the Second Epistle of St Peter
  • 2 Peter: Paraphrase and Comments
  • Index of Greek Words
  • Index of Subjects