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The Jewish and the Christian Messiah. A Study in the Earliest History of Christianity
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T & T Clark
Jesus, Gospels, Messiah, New Testament
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Public domain

Vincent Henry Stanton [1846-1924], The Jewish and the Christian Messiah

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Books on Jewish Messianic Beliefs
  1. Introductory
    1. The Scope of Our Inquiry and its Bearing Upon Modern Theories of the Rise of Christianity
    2. The Documents
    3. General View of the History of Messianic Expectation Among the Jews to the Christian Era
    4. General Character of the Christian Transformation of the Idea of the Messiah
    5. The Use of the Old Testament in the Early Church
  2. The Attitude to Messianic Beliefs
    1. The Teaching of Jesus Concerning the Kingdom of God
    2. The Yse by Jesus of the Title "The Son of Man"
    3. The Claim Made by Jesus Himself to be the Christ
  3. Messianic Ideas in the Early Chuch
    1. The Doctrine of te the Office of the Christ in the Early Church
    2. Comparison in Detail of Jewish and Christian Eschatology
    3. Messianic Prophect and the Mythical Theory
  • Epilogue