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James: The Lord's Brother
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T & T Clark
James, New Testament
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Public domain

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. James the Brother of Our Lord
  2. James, From his Birth to the Beginning of our Lord's Ministry
  3. James, from the Beginning of Our Lord's Ministry to the Resurrection
  4. James, from the Ascension to the Congress at Jerusalem
  5. The Epistle of James
  6. James and the Congress at Jerusalem
  7. The "Certain who came from James" at Antioch
  8. James and the LAst Visit of Paul to Jerusalem
  9. The Last Days of James
  10. The Ecclesiastical Position of James
  • Appendix
    1. The Readers of the Epistle of James
    2. The Date of the Epistle
    3. Original Language of the Epistle
    4. The Literary and Theological Relations of James and Paul
    5. Justification
    6. Was the Question of the Relation of Faith and Works first raised by Paul?
    7. James on Faith and Works
    8. On Spitta's View of the Epistle
    9. Mayor;s View of the Relations of First Peter and James
    10. External Evidence for the Epistle of James
  • Indexes