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Book Description

An Inroduction to the Books of the Apocrypha
Publication Year:
Apocrypha, Intertestamental Period
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

William Oscar Emil Oesterley [1866–1950], An Inroduction to the Books of the Apocrypha

Table of Contents

  • Prefatory Note
  1. Prolegomena to the Apocrypha
    1. The Books of the Apocrypha
    2. The Apocrypha as Literature
    3. The Books of the Apocrypha in Their Chronological Order
    4. A Survey of the Historical Background
    5. The Wisdom Literature
    6. The Apocalyptic Literature
    7. The Doctrinal Teaching of the Apocrypha
    8. The Importance of the Apocrypha for New Testament Study
    9. The Apocrypha in the Church
  2. The Books of the Apocrypha
    • I Esdras (The "Greek Ezra")
    • II Esdras (The "Ezra Apocalypse")
    • The Book fo Tobit
    • The Book of Judith
    • The Rest of the Chapters of the Book of Esther
    • The Wisdom of Solomon
    • Ecclesiasticus
    • Baruch
    • The Epistle of Jeremy
    • The Song of the Three Holy Children
    • The History of Susanna
    • Bel and trhe Dragon
    • The Prayer of Manasses
    • The First Book of Maccabees
    • The Second Book of Maccabees
    • Indexes