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Book Description

Inspiration and other Lectures. Edited by two of His Students
Publication Year:
T & T Clark
Bible, Inspiration
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Timothy George Rooke [1837-1890], Inspiration and other Lectures

Table of Contents

  • In Memoriam
  • Part 1: Psychology
    1. Introductory
    2. Simple "Forms" or "Modes" or Consciousness
    3. Spheres of Conscious Psychical Life
    4. Kinds of Activity
    5. General Conclusions—Animal and Rationla Spheres
    6. General ConclusionsSpiritual Sphere
  • Part 2: The Authority of Scripture and Inspiration
    1. The Bible's Claim for Itself
    2. The Authority of Scripture
    3. Inspiration
    4. Theories of Inspiration Classified
    5. Theories of Inspiration Tested
    6. Difficulties of Inspiration
  • Part 3: Pastoral Theology
    1. Introductory: Transition from College to a Pastorate
    2. The Pastor's Private, Social, and Secular Life
    3. The Pastor's Official Relations and Duties
    4. The Pastor's "Cure of Souls"
    5. The Pastor's Care of the Young
    6. Pastoral VisitiationConclusion