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Inspiration and Revelation in the Old Testament
Publication Year:
Clarendon Press
Revelation, Inspiration, Old Testament, Bible
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Public domain

Henry Wheeler Robinson [1872-1945], Inspiration and Revelation in the Old Testament

Table of Contents

  • Editorial Note
  • Author's Introduction
  1. God and Nature
    • I. The Hebrew Conception of Nature
    • II. Creation, Conservation, and Transformation
    • III.The Nature-Miracles
  2. God and Man
    • IV. The Characteristic Interrelations
    • V. yHuman Nature and Its Divine Control
    • VI. The Relation of Morality and Religion
    • VII. Human Destiny
  3. God and History
    • VIII. Time and Eternity
      • Appendix A. The Vocabulary of Time
      • Appendix B. The Time-consciousness of Koheleth
    • IX. The Prophetic Interpretation of History
    • X. The Day of Yahweh
      • Note on the Revelation Though Apocalyptic
    • XI. The Election of Israel
  4. The Inspiration of the Prophet
    • XII. The General Function of Prophecy
    • XIII. The Psychology of Inspiration
    • XIV. The Theological Validity of Prophecy
  5. Revelation Through the Priest
    • XV. The Meaning and Development of TORAH
    • XVI. Revelation Through the Law
    • XVII. Priest and Prophet
  6. Revelation in 'Wisdom'
    • XVIII. Wisdom, Naive and International
    • XIX. The Ethics of Wisdom
    • XX. The Theology of WIsdom
  7. Psalmists
    • XXI. The Response of the Psalmists
  • XXII. Conclusion
  • Indexes