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Book Description

Hosea. The New Century Bible Commentary
Publication Year:
Grand Rapids / London
Eerdmans / Marshall Pickering
Hosea, Commentary, Old Testament
Copyright Holder:
Graham I Davies. Reproduced by permission

Graham I. Davies, Hosea. The New Century Bible Commentary

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Select Bibliography
  • Introduction
    • The Book of the Twelve
    • Hosea and his Circumstances
    • The Historical Context and Development of Hosea's Message
    • Hosea's Relation to the Religious Traditions of the Northern Kingdom
    • The Book: Its Character, Compilation, Redaction and Text
    • An Analysis of the Book's Contents
  • Commentary on Hosea
    • Title (1:1)
    • Hosea's Children and Their Names (1:2-2:1)
    • Yahweh's Marriage: Oracles of Judgment and Renewal (2:2-23); Excursus: Baal in the Ugaritic Texts; Excursus: hesed
    • The Disciplining of the Beloved (3:1-5); Excursus: Hosea's Marriage
    • The Effects of Priestly Negligence: A People Without Knowledge of God (4:1-19)
    • Judgment on the Leaders of a Faithless People (5:1-7)
    • Oracles from the Syro-Ephraimite War (5:8-6:3)
    • Oracles about Political Life (6:4-7:16)
    • A Catalogue oflsrael's Sins (8:1-14)
    • The Coming End of Festal Worship (9:1-9)
    • A Sinful History Begets a Barren Future (9:10-17)
    • Doom for King and High Place (10:1-8)
    • Two Oracles of Coming War (10:9-15)
    • Divine Love - Slighted but Not Extinguished (11:1-11)
    • Death and New Life for Guilt Israel (11:12-12:14)
    • Death is Unavoidable for Guilty Israel (13:1-16)
    • Two Sayings on Renewal (14:1-8)
    • Conclusion (14:9)
  • Index