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Book Description

Prolegomena to the History of Israel with a Reprint of the Article Israel from the "Encyclopaedia Britannica"
Publication Year:
Adam & Charles Black
Old Testament, Pentateuch, Criticism, Documentary Hypothesis
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Julius Wellhausen [1844-1918], Prolegomena to the History of Israel

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. History of Worship
  2. History of Tradition
  3. Israel and Judaism
  • Israel [from the Encyclopaedia Britannica]
    1. The beginnings of the nation
    2. The settlement in Palestine
    3. The foundation of the kingdom, and the first three kings
    4. From Jeroboam I. to Jeroboam II.
    5. God, the world, and the life of men in Old Israel
    6. The fall of Samaria
    7. The deliverance of Judah
    8. The prophetic reformation
    9. Jeremiah and the destruction of Jerusalem
    10. The captivity and the restoration
    11. Judaism and Christianity
    12. The Hellenistic period
    13. The Hasmonaeans
    14. Herod and the Romans
    15. The Rabbins
    16. The Jewish Dispersion