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Book Description

The Gospel in the Old Testament
Publication Year:
T & T Clark
Old Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Charles Fox Burney [1868-1925], The Gospel in the Old Testament

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. The Early Narratives of Genesis
  2. The Trial of Abraham
  3. The Name of Jehovah and its Meaning
  4. THe Crossing of the Red Sea
  5. Ahab and Ben-Hadad
  6. The Christian Interpretation of Messianic Prophecy
  7. Repentance and Hope
  8. Privilege and Responsibility
  9. Isaiah's Parable of the Harvest
  10. Habbakuk and the Chaldeans
  11. The Responsibility of the Individual
  12. The Servsnt of Jehovah and His Mission
  13. Israel's Mission to Humanity
  14. The Soul Athirst for God
  15. Communion with God
  16. The Path of Life
  17. Intellect and Faith
  18. Proposals of Convocationfor the Expurgation of the Prayer-Book Psalter
  19. God our Refuge and Strength
  20. Our Lord's Use of the Old Testament