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The Book of Genesis. Westminster Commentaries, 11th edn.
Publication Year:
Methuen & Co.
Genesis, Commentary, Old Testament
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Public domain

Samuel Rolles Driver [1846-1914], The Book of Genesis. Westminster Commentaries, 11th edn., 1920

Table of Contents

  • Prefatory Note
  • Preface to First Edition
  • Preface to Seventh Edition
  • Preface to Tenth Edition
  • Addenda
  • Principal Abbreviations Employed
  • Note of the Chronology
  • Chronological Table
  • Introduction
    1. Structure of the Book of Genesis, and Characteristics of its component parts
    2. The Chronology of Genesis
    3. The Historical Value of the Book of Genesis: a. The Prehistoric period (chaps. I.-XI); b. The patriarchal period (chaps. XII-L.)
    4. The Religious Value of the Book of Genesis
  • Text and Commentary
  • Additional Notes
    • The Cosmogony of Genesis
    • The Sabbath
    • On the narrative II. 4b—III.24
    • The site of Paradise
    • The Cherubim
    • On chap. IV
    • On Enoch
    • On the figures in chap v.
    • On the Names in chaps. IV and V., and their possible Babylonian origin
    • The Historical Character of the Deluge
    • Noah's judgment of his three sons
    • Nimrod and Babylon
    • The Tower of Babel
    • Ur of the Hebrews
    • On Melchizedek
    • The Vale of Siddim and the Dead Sea. The probable site of the Cities of the Kikkar
    • The Historical Character of the narratiove contained in Gen. XIV
    • The Angel of Jehovah
    • Circumcision
    • The destruction of the Cities of the the Kikkar
    • Lot
    • The Sacrifice of Isaac
    • The Cave of Machpelah
    • The 'Hittites' in Hebron
    • The Ishmaelite Tribes
    • Stone-worship
    • Gilead and Laban
    • Jacob's struggle at penuel
    • On the sites of Mizpah,l Mahanaim, Penuel, and Succoth
    • The narrative of Jacob's dealing at Shechem (chap. XXXIV.)
    • Famines at Egypt. The date of Joseph
    • Land-tenure in Egypt
    • The Character of Joseph
  • Excursus I. The Names of God in Genesis
  • Excursus II. On Gen. XLIX.10 ('Until Shiloh come')
  • Index