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London: MacMillan & Co., Ltd., 1918-1919.
This title is in the Public Domain

Table of Contents

Volume 1 View in PDF format pdf

Part I: The Earliest Ages of the World

Chapter I: The Creation of Man [3]

Chapter II: The Fall of Man [45]

Chapter III: The Mark of Cain [78]

Chapter IV: The Great Flood [104]

Chapter V: The Tower of Babel [362]

Part II: The Patriarchal Age

Chapter I: The Covenant of Abraham [391]

Chapter II: The Heiship of Jacob or Ultimogeniture [429]

Addenda [567]

Volume 2View in PDF format pdf

Part II: The Patriarchal Age (Continued)

Chapter III: Jacob and the Kidskins: or the New Birth [1]

Chapter IV: Jacob at Bethel [40]

Chapter V: Jacob at the Well [78]

Chapter VI: Jacob's Marriage [94]

Chapter VII: Jacob and the Mandrakes [372]

Chapter VIII: The Covenant on the Cairn [398]

Chapter IX: Jacob at the Ford of the Jabbok [410]

Chapter X: Joseph's Cup [426]

Part III: The Times of the Judges and the Kings

Chapter I: Moses in the Ark of Bulrushes [437]

Chapter II: The Passage Through the Red Sea [456]

Chapter III: The Waters of Meribah [463]

Chapter IV: Gideon's Men [465]

Chapter V: Jotham's Fable [471]

Chapter VI: Samson and Delilah [480]

Chapter VII: The Bundle of Life [503]

Chapter VIII: The Witch of Endor [517]

Chapter IX: The Sin of a Census [555]

Chapter X: Solomon and the Queen of Sheba [564]

Chapter XI: The Judgement of Solomon [570]

Volume 3 View in PDF format pdf

Part III: The Times of Judges and the Kings (Continued)

Chapter XII: The Keepers of the Threshold [1]

Chapter XIII: The Bird Sanctuary [19]

Chapter XIV: Elijah and the Ravens [22]

Chapter XV: Sacred Oaks and Terebinths [30]

Chapter XVI: The High Places of Israel [62]

Chapter XVII: The Silent Widow [71]

Chapter XVIII: Jonah and the Whale [82]

Chapter XIX: Jehovah and the Lions [84]

Part IV: The Law

Chapter I: The Place of thr Law in Jewish History [93]

Chapter II: Not to Seethe a Kid in Its Mother's Milk [111]

Chapter III: Boring a Servant's Ear [165]

Chapter IV: Cuttings for the Dead [270]

Chapter V: The Bitter Water [304]

Chapter VI: The Ox That Gored [415]

Chapter VII: The Golden Bells [446]

Index [481]