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Book Description

The First Epistle of St. John with Exposition and Homiletical Treatment
Publication Year:
James Nisbet & Co.
New Testament, Commentary, 1 John
Copyright Holder:
Copyright holder
John James Lias [1834-1923], The First Epistle of St. John with Exposition and Homiletical Treatment


  • Preface
  1. Introduction
  2. The Word of Life
  3. The Message
  4. The Forgiveness of Sins, and its Results
  5. Darkness and Light
  6. The Appeal to the Christian
  7. The Object of the Appeal—Love's Not the World
  8. The Work of the Antichrist
  9. The Effects of Belief in the Truth
  10. Rejection and acceptance of God's Revelation
  11. The Blessing of Abiding in the Truth
  12. The Righteousness of Christ to be Manifested in Us
  13. The Privileges of the Christian
  14. The Future of the Children of God
  15. Purity by Abiding in Christ
  16. True Holiness
  17. Love the Sign of the Believer
  18. Passing From Death Unto Life
  19. Christian Assurance
  20. Spiritual Influence
  21. Love a Divine Gift
  22. Teaching of Christian Experience
  23. Character of Christian Experience
  24. Source of the Life of Love
  25. Union with Christ
  26. The Three Witnesses
  27. Conclusion of the Epistle