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The Book of Exodus. In the Revised Version with Introduction and Notes. The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges
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Cambridge University Press
Exodus, Commentary, Old Testament
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Public domain

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Name and Contents
    2. Sources amd Literary Structure of the Book of Exodus
    3. The Contents of Exodus arranged according to the Sources
    4. History of Egypt during the Israelites' sojourn in it
    5. Historical and Religious characer of Exodus
  2. Text and Notes
  3. Additional Notes
    • On iii.14 ('I will be that I will be')
    • On the hardening of Pharoah's heart
    • On the sites of Pi-hahiroth, Migdol, and Baal zephon (viv.2)
    • On the passage of the Red Sea
    • On the manna
    • On the 'covenant' mentioned in the Pentateuch
    • The Theophany on Sinai
    • The site of Sinai
    • The Ark
    • On the Ephod
    • On the Urim and Thummin
    • Tabular synopsis of the laws in Ex. xxxiv. and in Exd. xliii.12, 15-19, and xiii. 12-13
    • Tabular synopsis of contents of Ex. xxxiv—xl. and xxv.—xxxi.
    • The Nash Papyrus of the Decalogue
  4. Appendices
    1. The Passover
    2. The date of the Decalogue
    3. The Code of Hammurabi
    4. The Historical character of the Tent of Meeting, as described by P
  5. Index