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The Book of Daniel
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Cambridge University Press
Daniel, Commentary, Old Testament
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Public domain

Samuel Rolles Driver [1846-1914], The Book of Daniel. The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges

Table of Contents

  • Chronological Table
  • Introduction
    1. The person of Daniel and the contents of the Book
    2. History embraced by the Book of Daniel
    3. Authorship and Date
    4. Some characteristic features of the Book of Daniel
    5. Versions, Commentaries, &c.
  • Text and Notes
  • Additional Notes
    • On the term "Chaldeans"
    • On the terms 'Excellent' and 'Excellency' in A.V., R.V., and P.B.V. of the Psalms
    • On Nebuchadnezzar's madness
    • On the Four Empires of Daniel II, VII
    • On the Expression 'one like a son of man' in Dan. vii.13
    • On the ruins of Suza
    • On the prophecy of the Seventy Weeks
    • On the Expression 'The abomination of desolations'
  • Appendix - The Inscription recording the vote of thanks to Eumenes and Attalus passed by the Council and people of Antioch
  • Index