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Exeter: The Paternoster Press. 1969. Hbk. ISBN: 0853640874. pp.192.

Copyright 1969 The Paternoster Press

Reproduced by kind permission of the copyright holder.

From the Dustjacket:

By far the most important influence on Luther's life and work was the Word of God. In this book Dr. Wood places him against the background of this supreme influence in his life, and in doing so gives us a balanced and objective portrait. Very little is currently available on Luther's theology in English and still less on his view of Scripture. This book therefore fills a real gap. Dr. Wood deals freely with the influenced of the Scriptures on Luther, and then with his use of the Bible and his attitude to the issues of authority and interpretation.

But its importance goes far beyond its historical perspective. The vital issues of the Reformation are being raised afresh today, and the slogan sola Scriptura is being subjected to reassessment. It is therefore vital that we know what Luther actually believed and taught if we are to understand his position and relate it to our own. As we read on, we find that many of the issues that Luther faced have vital relevance today, and that there is much that we can learn from his fearless and unwavering adherence to the revelation of God in Scripture.

About the author:

Arthur Skvington Wood [1916-1993] was born in Ashbourne, Derbyshire and was educated at Wesley College, Headlingley, later receiving his degree in Theology from the University of London, and a Ph.D. from Edinbugh University. He was a fellows of the Royal Historical Society, and was a well-known preacher and author. He conducted an evangelistic and expository ministry in the Briish Isles and elsewhere in connection with the Movement for World Evangelisation.

Table of Contents

  PrefaceView in PDF format pdf 7
  PART I. The Bible and Luther  
1 Luther's Introduction to the ScripturesView in PDF format pdf 11
2 Luther's Struggle for FaithView in PDF format pdf 21
3 Luther's Drift to the PastView in PDF format pdf 31
4 Luther's Theological DevelopmentView in PDF format pdf 41
5 Luther's Encounter With GodView in PDF format pdf 51
6 Luther's Stand for the TruthView in PDF format pdf 61

  PART II. Luther and the Bible  
  (a) Luther's Use of ScriptureView in PDF format pdf  
7 Luther as a CommentatorView in PDF format pdf 75
8 Luther as a PreacherView in PDF format pdf 85
9 Luther as a TranslatorView in PDF format pdf 95
10 Luther as a ReformerView in PDF format pdf 105

  (b) Luther's View of Scripture  
11 Luther and the Authority of ScriptureView in PDF format pdf 119
12 Luther and the Revelation of ScripureView in PDF format pdf 129
13 Luther and the Inspiration of ScriptureView in PDF format pdf 139
14 Luther and the Unity of ScriptureView in PDF format pdf 149
15 Luther and the Interpretation of ScriptureView in PDF format pdf 159
16 Luther and the Christ-Centredness of ScriptureView in PDF format pdf 169
  AbbreviationsView in PDF format pdf 179
  Select BibliographyView in PDF format pdf 179
  IndexesView in PDF format pdf 187-192

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