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Book Description

The Baptist Union, A Short History
Publication Year:
The Carey Kingsgate Press Ltd.
Whitley Lectureship, Baptists
Copyright Holder:

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. The Formation of the General Union, 1812-13
  2. Earlier Efforts at Union
  3. Divided Interests, 1814-31
  4. New Beginnings, Achievements and Difficulties, 1832-63
  5. Reorganization and Progress, 1864-76
  6. Sunshine and Cloud, 1877-87
  7. The Down Grade Controversy, 1887-8
  8. Preparing for Further Advance, 1888-98
  9. Wider Horizons, 1898-1914
  10. The First World War and its Aftermath, 1914-25
  11. Alternating Hopes and Fears, 1925-39
  12. The Second World War and its Aftermath, 1939-51
  13. Towards the Ter-Jubilee
  • Appendices
    1. List of Chairmen and Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers
    2. List of General Superintendents
    3. List of Presidents of the Baptist Women's League
    4. Statistics
    5. A Note on Funds
    6. Declaratory Statement, adopted by the Baptist Union Assembly, 23rd April 1888
    7. Letter on Reunion, accepted by the Autumn Assembly, 1889
    8. Declaratory Statement of Common Faith and Practice of the Federal Council of the Evangelical Free Churches, adopted by the Baptist Union Assembly, April 1918
    9. Reply to the Lambeth Appeal, adopted by the Assembly, 1926
    10. The Baptist Doctrine of the Church, statement adopted by The Baptist Union Council, 1948
    11. Church Relations in England, statement adopted by the Baptist Union Council, 1953
  • Indices
    1. Persons
    2. Subjects