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London: Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1898. Hbk. pp.277.
This book is in the Public Domain

Streane - The Age of the Maccabees

Table of Contents

Chapter I Sketch of Jewish History After the Return From the Captivity
Chapter II The Condition of Palestine from the Return to the Accession of Antiochus the Great
Chapter III The History from the Accession of Antiochus the Great to the Time of the Maccabean Revolt (222-168 B.C.)
Chapter IV The Maccabean Revolt to the Death of Judas (168-160 B.C.)
Chapter V From the Death of Judas to the Death of Simon III (160-135 B.C.)
Chapter VI The Reign of John Hycanus (135-106 B.C.)
Chapter VII From the Accession of Aristobulus to the Death of Jannaeus (106-78 B.C.)
Chapter VIII The Reign of Alexandria (78-69 B.C.)
Chapter IX From the Death of Alexandra to Herod's Capture of Jerusalem (69-37 B.C.)
Chapter X General Features of the Religious Literature of the Maccabean Age
Chapter XI The Apocrypha
Chapter XII Historical or Quasi-Historical Books
Chapter XIII Other Pseudoepigraphic Additions to the Canonical Literature
Chapter XIV Gnomic and Philosophical Writings
Chapter XV Poetic Literature
Chapter XVI Apocalyptic Literature
Chapter XVII The Septuagint
Chapter XVIII Conclusion
Appendices A - The Assideans and Their Relation to the Pharisees
  B - Traditional Account of the Succession of Jewish Teachers
  C - The Date of the Book of Daniel

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