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Acts of the Apostles (Revised Version) (chapters (I-XVI) with Introduction and Notes
Publication Year:
Gill & Sons, Ltd.
Acts, Commentary, New Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain
Frank Marshall [1848-1906], Acts of the Apostles (Revised Version) (chapters I-XVI) with Introduction and Notes

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
    • Title
    • Apostles mentioned in the Book as performing distinct acts
    • Other Apostles mentioned in the Book who are not of the Twelve
    • The Author
    • The Life of Luke
    • Suggested Authors
    • Design of the Author
    • The Sources of the Narrative
    • Date
    • Place of Writing
    • Dispersions of the Jews
    • Influence of the Dispersions on the Promulgation of Christianity
    • Geographical Notes (Chapters i. to xii.)
    • Biographical Notes (Chapters i. to xii.)
    • Kings and Governors
    • Miracles in the Acts
    • Appeearances of our Lord: of Angels and Other Visions
    • The Synagogue
    • The Sanhedrin
    • The Temple
    • The Officers of the Temple
    • The Daily Services of the Temple
    • The Jewish Festivals
    • Sects and Orders of Men
    • The Nazarite Vow
    • Passages from the Old Testament quoted in the Acts of the Apostles
    • Explanation of the Words
    • Table representing the Descent of Christianity
    • The Early Days of Paul
    • Chronology of the Acts (chapters i. to xii.)
    • Analysis of the Acts of the Apostles (chapters i. to xii.)
  • The Acts of the Apostles (Chapters I. to XVI.), with Marginal Notes
  • Analytical Comments on the Text
  • Critical Notes
  • Geographical Notes (Chapters XIII. to XVI.)
  • Biographical Notes (Chapters XIII. to XVI.)
  • First and Second Missionary Journeys of St. paul (with maps)
  • Chronology of the Acts (Chapters XIII. to XXVIII.)
  • Analysis of the Acts of the Apostles (Chapters XIII. to XVI.)