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Book Description

The Second Book of Kings, W. Robertson Nicoll, ed., The Expositor's Bible
Publication Year:
Hodder & Stoughton
2 Kings, Commentary, Old Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Table of Contents

  1. Ahaziah Ben-Ahab of SIarl (B.C. 855-854)
  2. The Ascension of Elijah
  3. Elisha
  4. The Invasion of Moab
  5. Elisha's Miracles
  6. The Story of Naama
  7. Elisha and the Syrians
  8. The Story of Naama
  9. The Famine and the Siege
  10. The Shunammite and Hazael
  11. Two Sons of Jehoshaphat
  12. The Revolt of Jehu (B.C. 842)
  13. Jehu Established on the Thorne (B.C. 842-814)
  14. Athaliah (B.C. 842-836)—Joash of Judah (B.C. 836-796)
  15. Amaziah of Judah (B.C. 796-783[?]
  16. The Dynasty of Jehu—Jehiahaz (B.C. 814-797)—Joash (B.C. 797-781)
  17. The Dynasty of Jehu (Continued)—Jeroboam II. (B.C. 781-740)
  18. Amos and Hosea—Zachariah Ben-Jeroboam B.C. 740)
  19. Uzziah of Jidah (B.C. 783[?]—Jotham (B.C. 737-735)
  20. The Agony of the Northern Kingdom—Shallum, Menahem Pekahiah, Pelah (B.C. 740-734)
  21. King Hoshea and the Fall of the Northern Kingdom ( B.C. 734-725)
  22. The Reign of Ahaz (B.C. 735-715)
  23. Isaiah and Ahab
  24. The Aspostasies of Ahaz
  25. Hezekiah (B.C. 715-686)
  26. Hezekiah's Sickness—The Babylonian Embassy
  27. Hezekiah and Assyria (B.C. 701)
  28. The Great Deliverance (B.C.701)
  29. Manasseh (B.C. 686-641)
  30. Josaih (B.C. 639-608)
  31. Josiah's Reformation
  32. The Death of Josiah (B.C. 608)
  33. Jehoahaz (B.C. 608)
  34. Jehoiakim (B.C. 608-597)
  35. Jehoiachin (B.C. 597)
  36. Zedekiah, the Last King of Judah (b.C. 597-586)
  37. Jeremiah and His Prophecies
  38. The Fall of Jerusalem (B.C. 586)
  39. Gedeliah (B.C. 586)
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix I: The Kings of Assyria, and Some of Their Inscriptions
  • Appendix II: Inscription in the Tunnel of the Pool of Soloam
  • Appendix III: Was There a Golden Calf at Dan?
  • Appendix IV: Dates of the Kings of Israel and Judah, as Given by KIttell and Other Modern Critics

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