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Book Description

The First Book of Kings. The Oxford and Cambridge Edition
Publication Year:
George Gill & Sons, Ltd.
1 Kings, Commentary, Old Testament
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Title
    • The Author
    • Design of the Author
    • Date
    • Sources of the Narrative
    • Scope of the Narrative
      • Solomon
      • The Character of Solomon
      • The Writings of Solomon
      • The Great Schism
      • The Kings of Israel
      • Israel and Judah
      • History of the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel
      • Prophets and Prophecies
      • Elijah
      • The God's of the Heathen
      • Foreign Nations
    • The Temple
    • The Three Temples
    • The Ark
    • Geographical Notes
    • Biographical Notes
    • Topography of Jerusalem
    • Table of the House of Judah and Israel, as in the First Book of Kings
  • The First Book of Kings, Marginal and Foot Notes
  • Family of Jesse to Illustrate First Book of KIngs
  • Comments on the Revised Version
  • Glossary
  • Chronology
  • Maps