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There is established at Westminster Chapel, in memory of Dr. G. Campbell Morgan, what is known as The Campbell Morgan Memorial Bible Lectureship. A lecture is given each year by different men, in the month of June, in harmony with the Biblical principles which governed Dr. Campbell Morgan's ministry. The Lectures are published each year in order to amplify the spoken Word and extend the influence of the Lectureship.

These lectures are reproduced here by kind permission of the Rev Greg Haslam, Senior Minister, Westminster Chapel, London.

1949 No. 1 Dr. F. Crossley Morgan, The Importance of the Study of the English Bible. London: Westminster Chapel, 1949. Pbk. pp.15.
1950 No. 2 W. Graham Scroggie [1877-1958], What if There had Never Been a Bible? London: Westminster Chapel, 1950. Pbk. pp.20.
1951 No. 3 Dr. Harold John Ockenga, The Word of the Lord. London: Westminster Chapel, 1951. Pbk. pp.16.
1952 No. 4 Dr. Wilbur M. Smith, The Minister and the Word of God.London: Westminster Chapel, 1952. Pbk. pp.19.
1953 No. 5 Randolph Vincent Greenwood Tasker [1895-1976] Our Lord's Use of the Old Testament. London: Westminster Chapel, 1953. Pbk. pp.19.
1954 No. 6 W. J. Martin, M.A., Ph.D,.The Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah. London: Westminster Chapel, 1954. Pbk. pp.21.
1955 No. 7 Professor R. A. Finlayson, The Holiness of God. London: Westminster Chapel, 1955. Pbk. pp.15.
1956 No. 8 The Rev. Kingsley J. Morgan, The Bible in the Life of the Missionary. London: Westminster Chapel, 1956. Pbk. pp.16.
1957 No. 9 The Rev. Alan Stibbs, M.A., The Word of Faith Which We Preach. London: Westminster Chapel, 1957. Pbk. pp.16.
1958 No. 10 Professor John Murray, The Heavenly Priestly Activity of Christ. London: Westminster Chapel, 1958. Pbk. pp.15.
1959 No. 11 Donald J. Wiseman, O.B.E., M.A., F.S.A., The Word of God for Abraham and Today. London: Westminster Chapel, 1959. Pbk. pp.20.
1960 No. 12 Leon Morris, B.Sc., M.Th., Ph.D., The Dead Sea Scrolls and St. John's Gospel. pp.24.
1961 No. 13 The Rev. Ernest F. Kevan, B.D., M.Th., The Resurrection of Christ. London: Westminster Chapel, 1961. Pbk. pp.16.
1962 No. 14 James I Packer, Our Lord's Understanding of the Law of God. Glasgow: Pickering & Inglis / London: Westminster Chapel, 1962. Pbk. pp.19.
1963 No. 15 Howard Moody Morgan, The Word Of God Through The Word Of Men. London: Westminster Chapel, 1963. Pbk. pp.19.
1964 No. 16 Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Weapons of our Warfare. London: Westminster Chapel, 1964. Pbk.

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