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Why is not “pay per view”

I learned today that one of my wife’s favourite websites is making the majority of its features “pay per view”. I will not comment on whether this a good thing for the Internet in general. After all people put hard work into their websites and deserve some return. However, I am determined not to introduce this feature on my sites because it would immediately block them from those whom I wish to use them the most: Christians in the developing world.

This does not mean that my site does not need money to keep it going. The bandwidth for March was 6.3 GB, and there is the occasional expense of new books and other resources to buy to add to the bibliographies. But please do not mistake what I am saying as an appeal for cash, because there is a way in which those who which to keep the site going can help without sending me a penny. The site contains numerous links to, and Christian Book Distributors. When you wish to purchase from any of these companies simply click through these links before placing your order and the site will receive the commission. Many thanks.

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