Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology vol. 13 now online

Volume 13 (2014) of the Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology is now available online here.

This journal has now resumed publication in electronic format hosted by

Table of Contents

Dieumeme Noelliste, “Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place,” Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 13 (2014): 1-15.

David Pearson, “The Jamaica Church And The Third Gospel,” pp. 16-38.

Devon Dick, “Baptist Life In The Jamaica Church,” pp.39-61.

D.V. Palmer, “The Emancipator,” pp.62-85.

Clinton Chisholm,”The Church’s Impact On Western Civilization,” pp.86-105.

Billy Hall, “Book Review,” pp.106-110.

East Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology now on-line

The East Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology was published by Scott Theological College in Kenya. In 1990 the journal was sponsored by the ACTEA Consortium of Theological Colleges, an association which links 42 theological colleges and graduate schools throughout Africa. To mark this change the journal changed its name to the Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology. The journal appears on-line for the first time here by permission of the Editorial Committee. It is hoped that its availability in this way will allow the voice of African Theology to receive a wider hearing.

The first eight years of the journal can be accessed here.

My thanks to the Editorial Committee of Scott Theological College, to the current editor Dr. Andrew Wildsmith and the staff of All Nations Christian College library for their assistance.

Volumes 9-20 is scheduled to go on-line next next week.