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D.A. Carson on Christological Ambiguities in Matthew

The following article is now avialable in PDF: D.A. Carson, “Christological Ambiguities in the Gospel of Matthew,” Harold Rowden, ed., Christ our Lord. Studies in Christology Presented to Donald Guthrie. Leicester: IVP, 1982. Hbk. ISBN: 0877849552. pp.97-114. Professor Carson’s work always impresses me. It stands in sharp contrast to those who seem to think the…

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In Memory of Esther

Esther Jane Bradshaw – stillborn at 28 weeks 30th September 2006, 1lb 1 oz. Esther had Edward’s Syndrome also known as Trisomy18 (an extra chromosome No. 18). A small family funeral will be held next week. Please remember my wife and I in your prayers.