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Prof. Martin Hengel on Gospel Origins

For some time I have been planning to include some scholarly material in video format on my websites. This is now starting to appear as and when I am able to find time to review it. I was very pleased to find this material by Martin Hengel produced as part of The Christ Files documentary series….

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Donald Wiseman 1918-2010

Some sad news just received from Tyndale House: It is with a real sense of loss that I bring to you news of the homecalling on Tuesday of Professor Donald Wiseman (1918-2010) OBE DLit FBA FKC FSA, who played a vital role in the early development of the Tyndale House and Tyndale Fellowship and made…

Biblical Studies

12 Days of Christmas Quiz – Day 12

Scripture Verse No. 3 1. Three persons are mentioned in the verse but only one by name; one is in sorrow, one is perplexed, and one is annoyed. 2. The wisest of the three owns his ignorance. 3. The sorrow of one is afterwards removed, though no request is made about it. 4. The scene…