Reformed Baptist Theological Review Table of Contents Online

I have created a table of contents for the Reformed Baptist Theological Review here. The journal states its Purpose and Goal as follows:

The purpose of RBTR is to be an instrument for the theological advance of confessional Reformed Baptist pastors, but also for the benefit of believers of different theological commitments. RBTR will seek to present material in a scholarly, yet pastoral manner.

The goal is to present confessional Reformed Baptist doctrine in all the branches of theology, with its practical outworking. With Scripture as the ultimate standard. RBTR will function within the theological framework of the 2nd London Confession of Faith (1677/1689).

The editor, Dr Richard C. Barcellos, has kindly granted permission for me to host three articles on the New Perspective on Paul, which I am sure many will find helpful.

Jeffery Smith, “An Overview and Critique of the New Perspective (Part I),” Reformed Baptist Theological Review 3.1 (Jan. 2006): 77-108.

Jeffery Smith, “An Overview and Critique of the New Perspective on Paul’s Doctrine of Justification: Part Two – the New Perspective Critiqued (1),” Reformed Baptist Theological Review 3.2 (July 2006): 118-133.

Jeffery Smith, “An Overview and Critique of the New Perspective on Paul’s Doctrine of Justification: Part Three – The New Perspective Critiqued (2),” Reformed Baptist Theological Review 4.1 (January 2007): 91-119.

Book Note: Trevor Burke on the Message of Sonship

The following title is now available for pre-order on Amazon:

Trevor Burke, The Message of Sonship: At Home in God’s Household (Bible Speaks Today). Leicester: IVP, 2011. Pbk. 978-1844745388. pp.248.

Here is the publisher’s description:

‘Sonship’ is an important, yet often overlooked, theme throughout the Bible. Adam, the first human being, is identified as a ‘son of God’; Israel is God’s ‘first-born son’; the covenant with king David is cast in father-son terms; Christians are children of God, ‘adopted as sons’; and the same designation brings Scripture to a triumphant conclusion: ‘He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son’ (Revelation 21:7). The storyline of the Bible is clear, that God is making for himself a family of sons and daughters who will serve him and reign with him in his kingdom for ever – and this purpose is achieved through Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God.
In his warm-hearted, edifying exposition of this theme, Trevor Burke shows how ‘sonship’ is the focus of creation, is a metaphor for salvation, carries moral obligation, and is the goal of restoration of broken, suffering humanity. For those whom God the Father adopts into his household as sons and daughters, the family bonds that begin in this life will last for all eternity.

Baptist Quarterly Vols. 1 – 6 now available on-line

Courtesy of the Baptist Historical Society the first six volumes of Baptist Quarterly are now available as Public Domain PDF files here. It is planned the place the entire series on-line – a project that will take me some time to complete. All issues prior to 1939 will be Public Domain and compressed files containing the complete issues are also provided so that they can be placed on library servers for easy access and distribution.