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Loránt Hegedüs on Jesus and Dostoevsky

With thanks to the author for his kind permission, the following article is now available on-line in PDF: Loránt Hegedüs, “Jesus and Dostoevsky,” European Journal of Theology 1.1 (1992): 49-62. I don’t recall seeing another article on this subject so  hope it proves of interest.

Amos | OT Theology

New Book on the Theology of Amos by John Barton

John Barton, The Theology of the Book of Amos. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012. Pbk. ISBN-13: 9780521671750. pp.215. The publisher’s blurb says: In modern times Amos has come to be considered one of the most important prophets, mainly for his uncompromising message about social justice. This book provides a detailed exploration of this theme and…