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Alan R. Millard on the Historical Accuracy of Daniel

In 2012 Crossway published an impressive collection of 21 essays defending the historical reliability of the Bible under the title Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith? The publishers have kindly granted permission for Theology on the Web to host Alan Millard’s contribution to that volume, dealing with the accuracy of Daniel’s account of Babylon: Alan R….

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Public Domain articles from Journal of Theological Studies os Vols 1-20 now on-line

Journal of Theological Studies (old series) – kindly donated for digitisation If you use you will find that the early volumes of the old series of Journal of Theological Studies are available there. Unfortunately, many of the articles are still in copyright because the term runs for 70 years after the death of the…

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Blog Interview – Simon Marshall MA – Tilsley College, Motherwell, Scotland

This week we are “travelling” to Scotland to speak with Simon Marshall who is going to tell us about Tilsley College in Motherwell. 1) Please introduce yourself and your role at Tilsley College. My name is Simon Marshall and I lecture in Biblical Studies and Christian Ministry and am responsible for the college’s diploma course,…