Tyndale House Global Library Project

For several months Theology on the Web has been working with Tyndale House in Cambridge to develop its online Global Library. The project is now ready for more extensive testing, so if you go here and select “online resources” from the “Types of media” drop down box you should be able to search within more than the 4,000 theological articles from biblicalstudies.org.uk currently included in the database, plus many more linked from elsewhere on the web. More material is being added as time and funding allow. Do let Tyndale House Library how it works for you.

Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology Vol 12 now on-line

Volume 12 of the Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology is now available on-line here.

Christopher Newton, “Divine Purpose and Prophecy,” Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 12 (2013): 1-17.

Deseree Whittle, “Engaging Rastas,” 18-33.

Las G. Newman, “Can Jamaica Be Restored?” 34-47.

D.V. Palmer, “New Testament Theology,” 48-92.

Gosnell L. Yorke, “A Review of John Paul Heil’s Ephesians,” 93-99.

Taneika Wedderburn, “Valedictorian,” 100-104.

Devon Dick, “Our Sin-Filled Life and God’s Forgiveness,” 105-112.