Two articles by Richard Bauckham

I have just uploaded two articles by Dr Richard Bauckham of St. Andrew’s University:

Richard J. Bauckham, “Weakness – Paul’s and ours,” Themelios 7.3 (1982): 4-6.

Richard Bauckham, “The Relatives of Jesus,” Themelios 21.2 (January 1996): 18-21.

Many thanks to Dr. Bauckham for his permission.

Two more of his articles will appear shortly on and will be posted here:

Towards a definition of Fundamentalism

I recently asked Jim West what his definition of a Fundamentalist was and this has led to some disagreement between Jim and Joe Cathey. The problem is that for most people the word “Fundamentalist” is nothing more than a term of abuse for those more theologically conservative than themselves. For example, a humanist might refer to all Christians as “Fundamentalists”, while a liberal Christian might call all Evangelicals by that name, a member of the “Evangelical Left” might refer to more conservative Evangelicals as such, and so on. The definition thus depends on your own perspective.