C.F. Burney on Israel’s Settlement in Canaan
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C.F. Burney on Israel’s Settlement in Canaan

The following Schweich Lecture is now available on-line in PDF: C.F. Burney [1868-1925], Israel’s Settlement in Canaan: The Biblical Tradition and its Historical Background. The Schweich Lectures 1917. London: Oxford University Press, 1919. Hbk. pp.104. You can find the download link <<HERE>>. I have an idea that most people will find that the colour maps…

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Two Schweich Lectures on the Book of Revelation available

The following Public Domain titles are now available in PDF: R.H. Charles [1855–1931], Lectures on the Apocalypse. The Schweich Lectures 1919. London: Oxford Unioversity Press, 1922. Hbk. pp.80.  Click <<HERE>> for the link. Montague Rhodes James [1862-1936], The Apocalypse in Art. The Schweich Lectures 1927. London: Oxford University Press, 1931. Hbk. pp. 115. Click <<HERE>> for the…