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Commentary on Mark’s Gospel by Allan Menzies

Allan Menzies was Professor of Biblical Criticism at the University of St Andrews. His commentary of the Gospel of Mark (which contains both a Greek and English text) argues for a date of composition around 70 AD. My thanks to Book Aid for providing a copy of this public domain title for digitisation. Allan Menzies…


Benjamin W. Bacon on the Roman Origin of Mark’s Gospel

The following Public Domain monograph is now available on-line in PDF: Benjamin Wisner Bacon [1860-1932], Is Mark A Roman Gospel? Harvard Theological Studies VII. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1919. pp.107. Click here to read. Does anyone today argue for a non-Roman origin for Mark?

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Professor Duncan Derrett on John, Mark, Luke and 1 Corinthians

Professor Duncan Derrett has kindly allowed me to place of of his many contributions to Evangelical Quarterly on-line in PDF and assures me that even though he is now in his 90s we still can expect more articles to come. J. Duncan M. Derrett, “The Samaritan Woman’s Purity (Jn. 4:4-42),” The Evangelical Quarterly 60.4 (Oct.-Dec. 1988): 291-298….