Professor Duncan Derrett on John, Mark, Luke and 1 Corinthians

Professor Duncan Derrett has kindly allowed me to place of of his many contributions to Evangelical Quarterly on-line in PDF and assures me that even though he is now in his 90s we still can expect more articles to come. J. Duncan M. Derrett, “The Samaritan Woman’s Purity (Jn. 4:4-42),” The Evangelical Quarterly 60.4 (Oct.-Dec. 1988): 291-298….

Richard E. DeMaris on Corinthian Religion and Baptism for the Dead (1 Cor. 15:29)

The following article is now on-line in PDF: Richard E. DeMaris, “Corinthian Religion and Baptism for the Dead (1 Corinthians 15:29): Insights from Archaeology and Anthropology,” Journal of Biblical Literature 114.4 (Winter 1995): 661-682. Click here to read. Dr. DeMaris has asked me to point out that an updated version of this article can be…