Answering Muslim Objections to Christianity

On a Christian website with which I am indirectly involved the Community boards have recently been swamped with questions from two Muslims. The objections, I soon realised, are standard ones drawn from Islamic websites and because they are standard questions have been answered many times before. On doing some research I have found that the same thing is happening on other Christian forums and chatrooms around the world and I thought that some resources might be helpful.

There is always the option of banning objectors from the forums – which should be done if anyone breaks the “house rules” for the site – though this could be misinderstood by others on the forum. Another option that was suggested to me would be to agree to answer one objection against Christianity and then be allowed to put an objection against Islam. Most Muslims are totally unaware of the problems in the Qur’an, for example, and most quickly move on to another site to try their luck there. Handled this was observers on the forums will see that the objections can be answered satisfactorily.

Here are some sites that should help in answering Muslim objections. My list is based on that provided by Lambert Dolphin:

Answering Islam (Jochen Katz)
Arabs for Christ
Islam Review (The Pen and the Sword)
Jesus and Islam, (The Books of M.N. Anderson)
The Good Way (Christian response to Moslems)
Iranian Christians International, Inc. (UK)

If anyone can suggest other resources, please do so.

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