Benjamin Davidson’s Analytic Hebrew Lexicon

One of the advantages of helping sort donated books at Book Aid is that I can often find suitable material for digitisation. This very damaged copy of Benjamin Davidson’s Analytical Hebrew Lexicon would have gone into the recycling. Instead I have been able to disbind and scan it. This title is in the public domain.

Benjamin Davidson [d.1871], The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon: consisting of an alphabetical arrangement of every word and inflectioncally and contained in the Old Testament scriptures, precisely as they occur in the sacred text, with a grammatical analysis of each word, and lexicographical illustration of the meanings: a complete series of Hebrew and Chaldee paradigms, with grammatical remarks and explanations. London: Samuel Bagster & Sons Ltd., [1850?]. Hbk. pp.874.  [Click here to visit the download page]


The instruction of a competent living Teacher is doubtless the most efficient means of acquiring any Language. Supplied with such help, the Student requires little more than the subject at heart, attention, and perseverance. And there cannot be said to be any lack of Teachers of the Hebrew Language in England; for, besides the Universities and Colleges with their qualified Tutors, there are numerous private teachers of sufficient ability. Suitable Books too are abundant and accessible.

A practical difficulty, however, remains: Students can rarely secure the advantage of oral instruction long enough to obtain a complete knowledge of Hebrew; and those especially who seek to qualify themselves for the Ministry of the Word of God, too frequently find their College Terms expire without their having attained proficiency: for, unlike the Classics, the Hebrew language is ordinarily taken up during the busiest period of life…

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