Online Jewish and Biblical source databases

I received this as an email today, so I thought I would pass it along as the resources it mentions would seem to be helpful to those involved in Jewish studies. Sadly the resources are not free.

Beth Ilan UniversityI’m writing on behalf of C.D.I. Systems in concert with Bar Ilan University. We have several unique online databases that I believe would be of interest to your faculty and students. We specialize in Jewish and Biblical source databases such as our Talmud Text Database, Cotar, and most importantly, our Online Responsa Project. Some of the most successful universities in the world, such as Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge, have already subscribed to our services, and I invite you to join them

The Online Responsa Project includes thousands of sources, from biblical all the way to modern Hebraic texts, representing a period of over three thousand years of knowledge and source material.

For more information you can check the website.

The Talmud Text Online Database. This site encompasses virtually all primary textual witnesses of the Babylonian Talmud, including hundreds of complete manuscripts and first printed editions and well over one thousand fragments from the Cairo and European archives- many as both text and digital images.  The site’s URL for more information on this project.

And finally, Cotar is a comprehensive and unique repository of articles that provide answers to Halachic questions. The database contains more than 2400 topics with direct links to the relevant articles.

To find out even more about our online databases please click on this link.

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